About FTA 关于FTA

Founded in 2018. FTA Wealth Solutions is a one-stop professional advisory service for financial planning that is passionate and committed to helping people plan for their future, providing advice on how to build wealth, protect their assets, and most importantly, to take care of their health and loved ones. 

创立于2018。FTA Wealth Solutions 提供一站式财务规划咨询服务,热诚并致力于帮助大众规划未来,提供建议该如何累积财富,财富保障以及最重要的是照顾他们的亲人和健康。

Our Passion 我们的热诚

We serve a single purpose: your financial well-being.


FTA’s priorities are to help our clients simplify their financial planning through the LIMA presentation and to provide our clients with security and peace of mind without having to deal with complicated insurance work.


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Vision 愿景

The best one-stop service platform that everyone can trust and rely on to plan their finances.


Mission 使命

To increase public awareness, perception and acceptance of the financial planning industry by providing world class and quick turnaround services that are essential for today’s lifestyles and demands.


Our Core Values 我们的核心价值

At FTA, we strive to create value every day. Our core values are the foundation of our company, critical to our success, and guide us in evaluating every business decision. Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, leads to a stronger and healthier company.


Profound impact through impeccable service

To leave long lasting impression by delivering the best in service quality.



Always constantly learning to be a better version of ourselves every day


Humility and honesty

To always be humble and empathetic towards others in helping others. Ensure that our help is of pure intention and to be compassionate about it


Positive team & team spirit

Placing importance on work culture and togetherness in order to create a safe and friendly environment for everybody to thrive


Embrace & drive change

Identify change as an opportunity to grow and utilise it to it’s fullest potential


High standards of professionalism

We practise the highest level of accountability with integrity and professionalism


Our Goals 我们的目标

We are working diligently and hope to grow our organisation to 500 employees and partners within the next three years. We also plan to expand our locations and increase our numbers across Malaysia. We aim to change the way people think and feel about financial planning services by offering easy-to-understand products that are relevant to today’s lifestyle, along with trusted advice and the ability to contact us through our one-stop platform.