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We’re not like other agencies—we believe in a personalised approach, empowering our partners with the skills and tools they need to thrive. Our customised training isn’t just about professional development; it’s about life skills that apply to all aspects of your journey.


At FTA, our promise is to fast-track your goals, from owning your dream car and property to transforming your lifestyle. Over just 6 months, we’ve empowered over 10 representatives to achieve their aspirations. Plus, our top director at Hong Leong Assurance holds the record for closing the most cases in a year—over 60! Join FTA to not only reach your goals but also build a rewarding career with active and passive income opportunities.

FTA 6 Unique Selling Points


Fully supportive ecosystem working environment for both offline and online.


Provides training on skills that can be applied to other industries.

No Back-end Services

We have a strong backup team that takes care of all relevant documents, including claims and applications, etc

Multiple Income Streams & 3 Days Fast Compensation

Once the case is approved, compensation will pay out within 3 days. Following by every month for 6 years, and the surplus you receive can provide you with a stable income.

Co-Broker System

Co-Broker System that allows you to appoint a closer to increase close rates and has a co-broker system in the portal.

Product Variety

The company offers more than 50 types of products suitable for different needs and stages of life, including protection and accumulation.

A System That Works

Focus only on what you do best while we do the heavy lifting for you

At FTA, we offer an end-to-end service to all clients and partners, with no agents or middlemen involved. Partners do not have to worry about paperwork and lengthy documentation as this is handled by FTA’s administration department. This ensures that the process is seamless, processing time is low and a consistent service is provided.

At the same time, FTA offers incentives to its clients and partners for referring or recommending its services, creating a business opportunity for all. At FTA, we have created a framework that is unlike any other.



  • Develop transferable skills applicable across industries (time management, communication, sales, customer management)
  • Gain valuable teamwork experience
  • Exposure to online sales & marketing platforms and tools
  • Enjoy flexible working hours
  • Opportunity to earn additional income alongside a monthly allowance
  • Actively engage in FTA events to network and build relationships
  • Contribute to client referral processes to expand business opportunities


  • Fresh graduates with a Degree in any field
  • Ability to work independently while also thriving in a team environment
  • Must have own transportation
  • Interested in sales and marketing, with strong negotiation and presentation skills
  • Conduct financial fitness test for clients to provide tailored solutions
  • Document and analyse client needs and feedback for continuous improvement

Interested? Contact Samantha at:

M : 012-2181018
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Join our Internship Programme


  • Develop skills that can be applied in any industry (time management, communication skills, sales skills, and customer management)
  • Teamwork working experience
  • Exposure to using online platforms and tools for sales & marketing
  • Flexible working hours and;
  • Opportunity to earn additional income on top of monthly allowance.


  • Final year student of any course
  • Willing to explore and grow yourself in different industry

Interested? Contact Samantha at:

M : 012-2181018
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