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Founder & Director at FTA Wealth Solutions

With over 18 years of experience transitioning from banking to the financial industry, Samantha is passionate about helping clients manage their financial well-being—from starting a family to planning for retirement. She aims to achieve financial security and freedom for her clients, sharing her experiences and knowledge to raise client awareness and enhance financial literacy among younger generations. Samantha has qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) six times and the Million Round Table (MDA) four times.

Senior Partner

Jazz graduated from Birmingham City Centre, UK, in Interior Design and stepped out of his comfort zone to pursue his dreams. Eager to communicate and develop himself, Jazz passionately assists clients with financial knowledge. Over the past six years, he has successfully handled over 10 claims, amounting to nearly seven figures. Jazz achieved Personal Gold in AKARD Awards and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in 2021 and 2023 (MDRT).

Jazz Khor
Senior Partner

How Ping holds a degree in Human Resources Development from a local university and has a background in the banking industry, with ten years of experience at an overseas bank. He specialises in advising clients on debt consolidation programme with lower interest rates and property mortgage knowledge, including bank debt service ratios.

Senior HR cum Finance

Siti graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration specialising in International Business. She is patient and capable of solving team and client problems, responding quickly and seeking solutions effectively. Siti also provides key support for the general insurance business.

Head of Support

Anis has extensive experience and passion in Event Management and Administration, providing comprehensive support to the team and assisting clients with inquiries promptly. She handles all types of claims and medical appointments efficiently.

One of the Fastest Growing Financial Planning Advisory in the City

Our company is very different from other financial planning agencies because we do not use the traditional ranking method, but instead we prefer the individual approach which is to equip and guide our partners with the right skills and tools to be their best. We offer customised training that includes life skills that are not limited to professional activities, but can be applied in other areas as well. 


Our Promise to the Family

Our promise is to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time, including buying your dream car and property. We have helped more than 10 representatives achieve their goals and change their lifestyle in just 6 months. And over the course of his career, one of our directors has closed the most cases at Hong Leong Assurance. He is the only rep out of all the agencies to complete more than 60 cases in one year. At FTA, you can not only achieve your goals, but also build your own career that offers both active and passive income. 







FTA 6 Unique Selling Points

FTA 6大独特卖点


Fully supportive ecosystem working environment for both offline and online.


Provides training on skills that can be applied to other industries.

No Back-end Services

We have a strong backup team that takes care of all relevant documents, including claims and applications, etc
无后端工作 (无文书工作)- 我们拥有强大的后备团队帮助你处理所有的文书工作包括索赔和申请等等。

6 Years Passive Income & 3 Days Fast Compensation

Once the case is approved, compensation will pay out within 3 days. Following by every month for 6 years, and the surplus you receive can provide you with a stable income.
3天佣金制度 - 一旦案件获得批准,佣金将在3天内支付。每个月支付佣金长达6年,为您提供6年被动和稳定收入。

Co-Broker System

Co-Broker System that allows you to appoint a closer to increase close rates and has a co-broker system in the portal.
联合系统 -综合平台系统允许您指定成交者以提高成交率。

Product Variety

The company offers more than 50 types of products suitable for different needs and stages of life, including protection and accumulation.
多元化产品符合不同的需求 -公司根据不同人生阶段和需求提供多达50种的保障和财富累积计划产品。

A System That Works

Focus only on what you do best while we do the heavy lifting for you

At FTA, we offer an end-to-end service to all clients and partners, with no agents or middlemen involved. Partners do not have to worry about paperwork and lengthy documentation as this is handled by FTA’s administration department. This ensures that the process is seamless, processing time is low and a consistent service is provided. 

At the same time, FTA offers incentives to its clients and partners for referring or recommending its services, creating a business opportunity for all. At FTA, we have created a framework that is unlike any other. 





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