First Step To Your Essential Medical Cover


How often do you find yourself saying, “In a minute”, or “I’ll get to it later” when it comes to getting medical coverage?

While you may hesitate in getting the coverage you need since you’re currently physically healthy, but the question remains – how well are you prepared if there is an unexpected medical emergency?

Purchasing medical insurance is not a big commitment.  HLA MediStarter Rider is one that is designed to offer you a comprehensive medical and hospitalisation coverage that would certainly suit your affordability.

NOW is the time for you to get essential medical coverage, especially when you’re still healthy.

Premium Structure
The premium is based on your gender, attained age, occupation class and deductible option chosen. Depending on your health status, a loading on premium may be applicable.

With the 5-years age-banded premium pattern, it offers you stability in funding your premium as your finances grow stronger when you age.  This means you only need to pay low rates to enjoy the greater benefit now.

Like any other medical insurances, the premium is not guaranteed, and depend on the claim experience of the entire business portfolio.

Comprehensive Coverage At Its Best
  • From hospitalisation, surgery and outpatient to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic treatments, this is the one plan for all your healthcare needs.
  • High annual limit of RM1 Million, and the best part is, there is no lifetime limit.
Get Covered, Earn Rewards

Stay Healthy, Stay Rewarded
Now, you have more reasons to stay healthy! We’ll give you cash reward amounting to 15% of the premium if you don’t make any claim for the first 18 months and for every subsequent year.

Stay Prudent, Stay Rewarded
We’ll even give you extra cash in hand! If you choose a room with lower charges, 80% of the unutilised room and board benefit will be refunded to you.

Stay Loyal, Stay Rewarded
Be worry-free knowing that the longer you stay with the plan, the higher your Hospital Room and Board limit will be!  We’ll auto-increase your Room and Board limit from the current limit of RM180, by RM50 every 10 years, up to 3 times, to cushion the rising room and board cost driven by inflatio

Lifetime Coverage
  • You are assured of a lifelong medical coverage as this rider will be automatically renewed every year up to age 99 without any hassle, provided that the premium due are duly paid.
Entry Age
  • Minimum : 30 days old
  • Maximum : 70 years old
  • Premium payable based on your gender, attained age, occupation class and deductible option chosen. Depending on your health status, a loading on premium may be applicable.
  • The premium rates are not guaranteed and may be revised from time to time with 90 days’ prior written notice. Such revision will be effected on the next anniversary.
Premium Payment Term
  • Payable for entire rider term
Rider Term
  • HLA MediStarter Rider is a yearly renewable rider that will automatically renew at the end of each rider year. The last renewal age is age 99. 
Tax Relief
  • This rider may qualify you for the personal tax relief under education and medical insurance up to RM3,000, subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.
Terms and Conditions
  • All applications are subject to underwriting approval.
  • Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet for details on the waiting period, exclusions, and other term and conditions.