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What Can FTA Do For You?

FTA 能为您做什么?

FTA Wealth Solutions offers one-stop financial planning service that covers three main category which is Wealth Protection, Accumulation and Distribution. Our key priorities are to provide you the best advices to move simply and surely towards financial independence through understanding your profile and risks.

We can achieve this together by guiding and walking with you throughout your financial journey where it begins from protecting your wealth, accumulating and then distributing it where necessary.

FTA Wealth Solutions 提供一站式财务规划服务,包括财富保障、积累和分配三大分别。我们的主要优先事项是通过了解您的个人资料和风险,为您提供最佳方案,以简单而可靠地迈向财务独立。


Financial Planning Pyramid

Understanding Wealth Protection, Accumulation and Distribution.

As part of the Circle of Life, you will experience different phases which are divided into 3 categories, namely:


 Wealth Protection 财富保障

This is where we take steps to ensure that your risks are low and your finances are in order, especially for any uncertainties which includes setting up an emergency fund and purchasing life and medical insurance.


List of Services 我们的服务:

Risk Management 风险管理

We will identify, assess and control threats accordingly to your capital and earnings and provide the best moving forward actions.


Medical Insurance 医疗保险

Getting you protected with a comprehensive medical coverage that promises a hassle-free hospital admission.


General Insurance 普通杂险

Other than just life insurance – we’re able to offer non-life insurance services and product as well.


 Wealth Accumulation 财富累积

Once you have protected your assets, you can think about how to accumulate more money by investing and saving in the right places, such as personal and retirement savings or even education savings. 


List of Services 我们的服务:

Savings and Investment 储蓄和投资

We will analyze your current investment portfolio and aim to maximum returned while keeping your risks low.


SME Solutions 中小企业解决方案

Providing you all-round services to cover your SME business needs to sustain and grow.


 Wealth Distribution 财富分配

As you move towards the other end of the life circle, you should plan how to distribute and protect your assets so that your next generation do not have to worry about frozen assets or funds, especially if they are in need.


List of Services 我们的服务:

Estate Planning 遗产规划

Help you with deciding how you want your assets to be owned, managed and preserved during your lifetime and to be disposed when you pass on.


Mortgage Protection 贷款保障

To make sure you own a policy that can helps to pay off your debts if you or spouse passed away during the term of joint mortgage.


Do You Need Help? 您需要帮忙吗?

 Using the Financial Planning Pyramid as a guide, let us know below on how can we help you. 
Personal Finance

Short or long term, protecting your well-being or even your family – if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.


Life Milestone

Buying your first home, getting married, having a baby, traveling the world… Get some advice and tips for life’s big moments.

购买自己的第一套房子,建立自己的家庭,传种接代,环游世界…通过我们获取人生重要时刻的一些建议和技巧 。

Retirement & Beyond

Make the most of your money and stay on top of your finances, both on the road to retirement and throughout the time after.


For the Unexpected

Here is some advice on how to prepare and confidently deal with unexpected life events.


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